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Buy dried apple bulk in market

The bulk sale of Iranian dried apples is known among European traders and is also considered in terms of high production. In the field of exporting dried fruits, the country is welcomed due to its excellent climate and extensive agriculture, and in providing different types of dried fruits at reasonable prices, it provides more shopping options. Iran is ranked 6th in the world due to the high production of apples, and this statistic shows that dried apples with high quality are produced in the country and can be supplied to world markets . we in this article talk about topics like ” dried apple bulk ,buy dried apple bulk ,suppliers of dried apple bulk ” . 

Buy dried apple bulk in market

Wholesale Dried Apple Price List For Traders

Wholesale  Dried Apple Price List For Traders Buying and selling  fruits such as apples is popular and famous for every human being anywhere in the world ; of course, there are many fans for the dried type. Major buyers in the market see different ways to buy dried apples:

  • Dried apples are white and shiny white
  • Dry organic Slavic apples with a darker color
  • Dried apples flavored

As we can see, some producers use stabilizers, and the fruit has a solid color in any situation, and it is against the organic and natural type, which is a lot of emphasis for this type. In organic mode, you will definitely see a darker color, and it should not be exposed to light and should be carried with protective cabins. Our collection uses international standards, CCOF, in the field of various types of dried and sliced ​​apple slices to serve our customers.

Which Countries Are Importing Dried Apple Bulk?

Which Countries Are Importing  Dried Apple Bulk?Mass production of apples in China, the United States, Iran, Turkey, Poland, India, Italy, Chile, Russia, France, in the order in which they were expressed, was so high that they ranked first to tenth in the world. These countries have the most exports, and the import of this fruit is proportional to the population and the needs of the market.Processing of dried apples, fruit juices, concentrates, and apple cider vinegar is thriving due to reduced waste and is highly profitable for countries.
Iran’s products are imported to most neighboring countries such as Iraq, Oman, Pakistan and Qatar, with Iraq having the highest share.
Russia, a country that wants and produces our product at a lower price and with the right quality, you will tour the Russian markets and you will realize that our products are Iranian.
India and Egypt, two other countries that buy a significant amount of Iranian goods. Now, producers of dried fruits and dried apples can enter the target market and export by offering better quality, different types of packaging and more reasonable prices.

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